The Impact of Rawhide Chews


Chief, the 8 month Scottish Terrier and the raw hide that was removed

Chief, an 8-month-old Scottish Terrier, was chewing on a rawhide while his owner was sitting nearby, and he started to cough and retch. Concerned that Chief has a piece of his rawhide chew stuck in his throat, they brought him in the VSCNL Emergency Services.

Dr. Brown-Bury examined Chief and agreed that his symptoms suggested he had something caught in his throat. She sedated Chief to look into his mouth and throat. Dr. Brown-Bury was able to see a bit of rawhide at the very back of his oral cavity. 

It was sitting right at his larynx (where the esophagus and trachea open into the oral cavity). She was able to grasp the rawhide piece and pull it out! Radiographs showed no other material was sitting in the esophagus.

Chief’s sedation was reversed, and he was able to go home with his relieved owners. Stories like Chief’s are why we don’t recommend rawhide chews for dogs. It is not uncommon for a dog to try to swallow a large piece of rawhide and run into trouble! Lucky for Chief his owners were supervising his chew time and were able to act quickly. We’re pretty confident that was the last rawhide chew Chief will ever get!

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