Rehabilitation Services

Pets, get your (s)wag back!

Our specialists work closely with you, the pet owner, to support your pet in their recovery. We collaborate as a team to create rehabilitation goals and treatment plans that suit you and your pet’s lifestyle. Each treatment regime is as unique as your pet.

Our treatment areas are private and quiet, ensuring a comfortable environment for your pet. We provide kennelling should they be required to stay with us for close observation and multiple treatment sessions for an extended period of time. Our staff are on-site 24/7 to ensure the comfort and care of your pet.


Manual Therapy


Stimulation (NMES)


VSC has the only Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) in the province.

Rehabilitation Benefits

Reap the benefits of rehab.

Your pet’s health can improve greatly from physical rehabilitation. As with humans, rehabilitation can help your pet have a new lease on life! Rehabilitation is focused on preventing future injuries, strengthening, proprioception, decreasing surgical recovery times, decreasing muscle and joint pain and weight management.

The staff at VSC are committed to taking a holistic approach to your pet’s health – beyond medications and surgeries, to ensure your pet has the mobility and strength to lead a healthy, happy, cuddle-filled life.

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Low-impact exercises developed to improve your pets mobility, strength, flexibility, and overall function.

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Pain Management

Holistic assessment and therapy techniques developed to provide your pet with a pain-free day.

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Injury Prevention

A tailored and proactive approach to fitness and wellness intended to prevent injury.

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Injury Prevention

Exercise and techniques aimed at building stamina to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

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Weight Management

Low-impact exercises developed to improve your pets mobility, strength, flexibility, and overall function.

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From injury to surgery – rehabilitative therapies can significantly enhance your pet’s recovery.

What kind of pet is a good fit for rehab?

Physical rehabilitation has proven to be highly beneficial for all pets throughout all stages of life. Whether your pet suffers from injury (ligament ruptures such as CCL/ACL ruptures, bone fractures, muscle sprains), degenerative disease (degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia), age-related disease (arthritis) or obesity, or has recently had surgery (TPLO, TTA, FHO), physical rehabilitation can help.

Pre & Post Operative

Chronic Degenerative Conditions

Overweight & Obese

Growing Pets

Senior Pets

Athletic Pets

Did you know?

Rehab is not only for canines. Rehabilitation can benefit many of our animal friends from feeble felines to broken-legged bunnies.


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Rehab is often a preventative service; the time to book is before a problem occurs!

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    Pet Insurance

    There is often an additional rider that will cover the costs of rehab sessions. Check with your provider for available options.


    An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

    Rehab can be one of the best and most cost -effective tools available in the prevention against and treatment for physical injuries and other health issues. Many of our rehab services can also help delay or stop certain ailments from getting worse.

    Average price per session

    Please note: Pets starting rehab must undergo an initial assessment (one-time fee of $150+tax) to determine the best program path for them.

    Our Rehab Practitioners

    Dr. Trina Bailey | VSCNL

    Dr. Trina Bailey

    Dr. Bailey grew up on the west coast of Newfoundland in Cormack. She completed a Bachelor of Science at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS before … Read more ▸

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is veterinary rehabilitation?

    Physical therapy for animals that adapts human physical therapy techniques to increase function and mobility of joints and muscles in animals. Animal rehabilitation can reduce pain and enhance recovery from injury, surgery, degenerative diseases, age-related diseases, and reduce obesity.

    Why would my pet potentially need rehabilitation?

    There are several reasons why your pet could benefit from rehabilitation:

    • Increase their rate of recovery post-injury/surgery
    • Prevent injury or disease
    • Decrease and manage joint and muscle pain
    • Decrease swelling/edema
    • Lose Weight
    • Decrease risk of future injury
    • Maintain an active lifestyle
    • Build proprioceptive skills (i.e. spatial awareness, balance, sensation)

    What kind of animals participate in rehab?

    Any animal looking to live a healthy lifestyle, lose some weight, or recover from injury/surgery.

    Does pet insurance cover rehabilitation sessions?

    It will depend on your insurance provider. There is often an additional rider that will cover costs of rehabilitation sessions.

    Can I do rehab exercises with my pet at home?

    Yes! Rehabilitation is a team approach and you are critical part of that team as you spend the most time with your pet day to day. An initial assessment with our clinic rehabilitation therapist will provide information to create an individualized program for your pet that will include clinic-based and home-based exercises. Home exercises in conjunction with clinic sessions will ensure your pet has a well-rounded recovery. Rehabilitation appointments are beneficial to monitor your pets progress, adapt exercises through their phases of recovery, and incorporate many modalities that are not available at home.

    A combination of a clinic and home-based program is ideal for your pets return to function as studies show dogs enrolled in this type of program have significantly greater range of motion and muscle mass than dogs in a solely home-based program. All home programs are explained and demonstrated by the therapist and are followed by practice time, so owners are comfortable with the exercises involved in the home exercise program.

    Do I need equipment for rehab?

    There is no requirement for equipment. We try and incorporate common household items (i.e. towels, stools, stairs, pillows) into treatment programs so that it is possible for the owner to complete exercises with the animals at home. However, the FitPawz equipment available at our clinic is designed specifically for conditioning and will enhance home program efficacy. Our therapist will recommend equipment that will best suit your pet’s recovery regime and will provide explanation and demonstration of its use.

    Can I attend rehabilitation sessions with my pet?

    Of course! The therapist works closely with owners to create rehabilitation goals that suits your pet’s lifestyle. We want to create a stress-free environment as animals work on their road to recovery and having their owners present gives pets the safety and comfort they need to participate in our sessions. It is an amazing opportunity to bond with your pet and have some fun!

    How many rehab sessions will my pet need?

    This depends on a variety of factors and is different for every case.